About Us

Schoolcube information management system aids schools to solve the problems of parent-student-teacher interaction, resource optimization, infrastructure, security and stability. Our reputation is founded on the ability to deliver high quality services at an affordable price.

Why choose us?

Revocube schoolcube.net portal is a premium solution offered at an extremely low cost as a support to the African educational system. Our clients choose us because we offer the best in:

Data collation and storage
With our infrastructure, we are able to confidently provide effective and reliable data storage systems with precise analysis.
Our customization implementations take less time to configure and our servers are highly efficient with no time lag.
One-stop solution
An easy-to-use system, secure and affordable. Solving the most tedious school information challenges with a few clicks.

Our setup process

We work with a well defined setup process during SC Portal signup. With this workflow we integrate all necessary school needs into the portal before, during and after the setup with ease.

School specifications
All required school administrative and operational structures are collected in this phase.
In the process we configure and upload the data provided by the school.
Interface customisation
SC Portal can be customized to suit the school's colour schemes for consistency.
We offer a free training session on the SC Portal system at the point of delivery.
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