Reports and Analysis
Schoolcube portal provides easy-to-comprehend reports and analyses with tables and charts.
Secured and reliable storage
Only authorized users have access to the reports in the schoolcube portal powered by the most reliable cloud systems.
Schoolcube portal is highly customizable with bespoke modules.

Experience the ease.

The platform is a time-saving software solution that helps school management and teachers to manage, analyse and get reports of students and the school, while eliminating the need for large score sheets, record booklets and multiple report cards.

It is a platform that connects all the departments and functions in the school namely; administration, student profiles, attendance, bursary, library, accounts/finance and school curriculum.

It helps the teachers interact better with students. Extra features like assignment schedules, e-learning platforms, school curriculum, bulk SMS…etc, help integrate the school into a singular unit thereby building better interaction between the students, staff and parents, thus keeping them up-to-date with the latest information.



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